I have been working in the software industry since 1996, first in C/C++/MFC then migrating to Java writing a large array of Servlets, Services, MicroServices, HTML pages and maintaining Databases and schemas for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and DB2.

I have worked in the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) working with Edifact, Tradacoms, flat files and XML and went on to help develop a system allowing users to convert between many different formats by creating templates on a simple to use UI. I have worked in the Search Engine industry where I rewrote the indexing robot, built a “tribal knowledge base” where knowledge could be shared and indexed and helped to maintain the existing software. I have also worked in the catalogue industry working within GDPR requirements for allowing users to access their statements online, and maintain and extend their existing online catalogue system.

I also volunteer for several organizations, and as well as holding offices I also maintain their DNS, WebSites and email systems.